Corrosion Protection

At Federal Industrial Linings we share a collective pool of experience that spans over 30 years encompassing hundreds of thousands square meters of successfully applied heavy duty chemical, abrasion, wear and impact-resistant coatings and linings, manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.

We can provide cost effective anti-corrosion solutions throughout all industries in South Africa and throughout the world. Federal Industrial has the required resources, as well as the Global partnerships, to offer A to Z Corrosion solutions to all sectors of industry, irrespective of project size or difficulty. We supply and apply a comprehensive range of specialist polyurethanes and glass-flake reinforced epoxies, vinyl-ester and poly-ester linings and coatings, as well as industrial PU rubber linings.

Our linings and coatings can be tailored to suit any corrosive environment, resulting in significant savings, reduced downtime and increased life expectancy of your assets. The wide range of textured finishes and available colour options mean that protective coatings can also look good. We also do mobile Sandblasting and Dustless Hydro-blasting on site, ensuring an all-in-one service to our customers.

We have a complete range of Acrylic, Epoxy, Polyurethane and Vinyl/Poly-ester paints, that will ensure that your corrosion protection & wear/abrasion requirements are met – whatever your environmental conditions are. We specialise in Acid Proofing & have liquid applied systems and products that are resistant to extremely corrosive acids including 98% Sulphuric Acid.

We have paint solutions covering the entire environment corrosion spectrum from C1 to CX.          Our product range covers the Marine industry, the Food industry, Military applications, the Mining industry, Water and Waste Water treatment, Paper & Pulp, Power Generation, Agricultural, Oil and Gas industries, Building and Construction industries and the Petro-Chemical industry.


Carbon Steel Structures

C1 – CX 3-Coat Epoxy and PU Paint Systems

Hazardous Chemical Plants and Equipment

Potable Water and Food Grade Applications



Bunded Areas

Internal and External Pipe Coatings

Primary Containment

Secondary Containment

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